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1. Stream line supply chain

2. Manage field materials

3. Site Fab Agreements

4. Pre-engineering specification review

5. Painted or coated pipe management and supply

6. Weekly Status Reporting

Cobb Corporation

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Working in the Petroleum, Chemical Power, Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries, The Cobb Corporation brings you 30+ years of industry experience.


The Cobb Corporation helps reduce a company’s time, money, and effort in seeking out manufacturers and/or vendors to bring value to a project by following an order from the date of purchase to completion.


The Cobb Corporation prides itself on the service we can provide within today’s industrial market.


    Cobb Corporation is a consulting firm working within the Petroleum, Chemical, Power, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries. We are based in Southern Indiana just across the river from Louisville, KY.


    PO Box 393 Jeffersonville, IN 47131 812-246-2817 (Jeffersonville, IN) 281-546-1430 (Houston, TX)