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1. Expertise in Supplier Sourcing

2. Logistics to outsource the buying functions associated with projects

3. Handle and manage one off buys

4. Sourcing of exotic hard to find materials

Cobb Corporation

Representation You Can Count On


Working in the Petroleum, Chemical Power, Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries, The Cobb Corporation brings you 30+ years of industry experience.


The Cobb Corporation helps reduce a company’s time, money, and effort in seeking out manufacturers and/or vendors to bring value to a project by following an order from the date of purchase to completion.


The Cobb Corporation prides itself on the service we can provide within today’s industrial market.


    Cobb Corporation is a consulting firm working within the Petroleum, Chemical, Power, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries. We are based in Southern Indiana just across the river from Louisville, KY.


    PO Box 393 Jeffersonville, IN 47131 812-246-2817 (Jeffersonville, IN) 281-546-1430 (Houston, TX)